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On the left is a portrait of Henry Carey illegitimate son of Henry VIII

And in Gibraltar we met Stephen Carey one of Henry Carey’s

When we were invited to take the Henry VIII Show to Gibraltar I was somewhat sceptical as Henry never went father than Northern France ( and that was disasterous ) but an old friend Angela Jenkins - who now resides there and runs Rock Theatre - thought the schools would love the show and booked us into the largest venue on the peninsula.

We had to take some set - and costumes - and props and the puppets - never mind our own stuff - enough for 8 days. We managed to get everything into four large cases and taped them with 'The Henry VIII Show on Tour' which worked wonders and the wonderful people at British Airways recognised the importance and waived any charges !!

Gibraltar is a pimple on Spain's bottom - and the airport runway is a strip of land from sea to sea. Coming into land they missed the mark and we had that scary feeling that something was amiss as we suddenly took off again at 50 feet !

A trip around the country later we landed safely - met by our hosts and taken to the theatre - which was quite splendid named after a local benefactor - John Mackintosh - and then to the flat on the 14th floor of a block - bedrooms looking out over Africa !!

The shows ?? Well we did seven in all - six for every single middle school in Gibraltar and one public show. And they were very successful with large and appreciative audiences. At the public show we met Stephen Carey and his family - He is the direct descendant of a bastard children - Henry Carey - Henry had with Mary Boleyn. Now a proud owner of a pic with me as Henry and my 14th direct descendant !

Gibraltar has its own diddy TV station and we were interviewed and promoted twice - Ken giving a very good interview with Ros Astanga of Gib TV and then we were invited onto the Friday evening magazine show called 'All About Us' - where we were interviewed by an ex Miss Gibraltar and here DJ cohort - programme finished with a lavish cocktail that lasted the night !

All in all a great success - and what's more we are in negotiation to repeat it in 2015.

On the reviews page you can find an email sent to the producer, Angela Jenkins

Photographs Johnny Bugeja

Henry in Gibraltar